Serving the Hi-Desert area communities of Flamingo Heights, Johnson Valley, and Landers.

Mission Statement

Agency Mission Statement: To provide a high-quality supply of water and reliable service to all customers at a fair and reasonable rate.

Our Vision: To demonstrate accountability by taking economically responsible action today to secure our water supply for tomorrow.

Our Values: We pledge to use all available resources for maintaining our existing facilities as well as plan, design, finance, and construct our future infrastructure for the benefit to our customers in our service area.

Our Integrity: Staff and board are committed to a comprehensive evaluation of the most important issues while establishing a record of fairness to all customers.

Pay Your Bill

Pay Your Bill Through Official Payments

The Agency now offers credit card and electronic check payments through Official Payments. You may call them directly at 1-800-487-4567 or go to their online bill pay. Official Payments offers credit card, ATM and E-Check payment processing. Click the link below.

Pay your bill online here…


Check for Leaks

Check for Leaks

Leaks are wasters of both water and money.  You may have a leak inside or outside your home without even knowing it.  Some properties have long service lines that exist off the property where leaks can go undetected.  Even a small leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water each day.  Check toilets, pipes, hoses, faucets and connections both indoors and outdoors at least once a year.  The following are tips to help you determine if you have a leak.   Checking Your Water Meter for Leaks Your water meter is usually located wherever the waterline enters your property. Turn off all...

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