The Board Of Directors

Current Officers

President           Michael McBride 
Vice President   Judy Corl-Lorono
Secretary            John R. Burkhart


Vice President Judy Corl-Lorono

“We are blessed to have something many communities don’t have… good clean ground water.  It is our duty to preserve and protect our water for today and in the future for our children and grandchildren”. Born in Red Bluff, California, Judy is a mom to three wonderful children. She lived with them in Hawaii from 1979 to 1981.  She is “Grammy” to seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

Currently, she is raising her 16-year-old granddaughter.  She and her family love to camp and fish.  Her adventures have taken her to Israel and Jordan.  Service to her community has been a major part of her life.  After moving here in 2001 she worked for the Salvation Army, running the thrift store in Yucca Valley and putting to use the skills she gained working in the hotel industry and running a free food distribution in Palm Desert.  Her community spirit led her to become involved with the Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency (BDVWA).  As a Director at BDVWA, she focuses on learning about water issues in our state and community.


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President Michael McBride

Who would have guessed that one of our Board members loves to surf the waves and won the best actor for his role as Lenny in “Of Mice and Men” at the Big Bear Summer Theater Festival?  That would be our own Director McBride.  Director McBride was born and raised in Lynwood California.  He was married to Christine for 42 years until widowed.  They adopted two wonderful boys who gave Director McBride four very active grandsons.  Director McBride has had an interesting career.   He was an electrical contractor while serving as President of the Lynwood Chamber of Commerce; was a plant manager at a wastewater treatment facility where he achieved Grade 5 Operator Certification; earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Fresno Pacific University; following 12 years of teaching, he is now retired.  Director McBride has also served on the Board of Directors of the Morongo Basin Humane Society and as a member of the Hi-Desert Water District Wastewater Advisory Committee.


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Director J. Larry Coulombe

Bio coming soon 


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Secretary John R. Burkhart

Life began in Alhambra, California where I lived until after WWII when we moved to a 480-acre farm in Arkansas. Life was good. I learned to hunt and fish and find my way in the woods. Horses for my transportation, and for plowing, disking, mowing, plus dogs, cattle, pigs and chickens ware all part of life on the farm. Electricity was not available. Ice tea was a winter drink made with icicles hanging off the roof. Water came from a long well bucket and rope, hauled up 30 feet by hand.

The Korean War brought us back to California for good. High school in Alhambra was followed by Jr. College at Mt. San Antonio Jr. College (Mt.Sac. in, Walnut) where I furthered my skills in swimming, and scuba dives to Catalina and along the coast around Laguna plus Baja California. And, the best, learning to fly!  I had my private pilot’s license and first plane at age 19. Those were great early flying days.

I continued my education at Cal State LA., with a BS in business administration. During this time my friends and I started the college’s diving club, the Devil Fish, and enjoyed diving off California and Baja California in our home-made wetsuits. After graduating I began a career in Aerospace beginning with the Apollo and Saturn programs.

The military called and I joined the California National Guard, 40th Armored Division, Company HQ Communications, training at Fort Ord up north along the coast. Early risings and marching and runs to the dunes and rifle training, and marching, night exercises, flares, and marching, and lots of other stuff including marching. Then off to Ft. Gordon, Georgia for more training.

Along the way, I started a flying club called Flight Log, publishing a newsletter about flying in Baja California and introducing pilots and aircraft owners to the adventures of flying this beautiful Baja Peninsula. My wife, Terry, also a pilot, and I met during one of my fly-ins at a fishing camp on the east coast – Punta San Francisquito. Her plane engine was having problems and I offered to fly her to our next destination, Punta Chivato, at that time a deserted resort with two good runways. We landed, walked and looked around and talked a bit and then flew off across the bay to Mulege for lunch. Well, those hours of flying together sort of cinched the relationship. Five years later we were married, and in 1991 bought our retirement home in Johnson Valley.  Together we kept the club alive, winging our way south for adventures over the next 22 years. In 2000 retirement became a reality; we moved permanently to our Johnson Valley home and became involved in community activities, including Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency where first Terry and now I became elected directors.

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Director Jo Marie McKenzie

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Board Meetings

1720 North Cherokee Trail, Landers, CA 92285
Fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.

(Special Meetings scheduled as needed)