We require the following to open a new account:

  • Signed Agency Owner Request to Provide Water Service to Tenant
  • Signed Application for Residential Water Service
  • Photo ID (such as a driver’s license)
  • Payment in full of any balance due on any previous property account. Contact your Landlord or Realtor is this situation exists.
  • $35 Account Set-up Fee
  • $100 Deposit – Required.
  • 10.1    Service to Tenants.    The Agency will, upon written request of an owner (i.e. Owner/Tenant Agreement) and receipt of a complete water service application and guarantee deposit from the owner’s tenant, open an account in the name of a tenant.
  • 10.3    Tenants Vacating Premises.    Tenants desiring to terminate water service (i.e. close a water account) shall request turn-off of service from the Agency office at least two (2) working days prior to vacating the premises. Until turn-off service is ordered and completed, the tenant shall be responsible for all applicable charges on the account.  Upon completion of turn-off service, any unused guarantee deposit will be refunded. If the guarantee deposit is insufficient, the Agency will submit a final bill to the tenant. If the tenant fails to pay the final closing bill, the Agency will make a one additional attempt to collect the funds through either a delinquent billing process or a written letter of delinquency.  Should the tenant fail to pay the final bill the amount owed will be transferred to the owner/landlord for payment.
  • Charges that accrue following completion of turn-off service, like basic service charges, will be billed to the address of the owner on file at the Agency.

Customer Address Change Form