We require the following to open a new account for property owners:

  • Proof of Ownership (such as closing escrow documents) showing the date the property closed escrow.
  • Signed Application for Residential Water Service
  • Photo ID (such as a driver’s license).
  • $35 Account Set-up Fee.
  • $100 Deposit.3.2       Guarantee Deposit for Non-Bulk Accounts.    All applicants for water service shall deposit with the Agency the required dollar amount set forth in the Agency’s current Rate Table. This guarantee deposit shall be held by the Agency until the customer account has established credit worthiness. Credit worthiness is established by having no delinquents, no non-sufficient funds checks (NSF) and no lock offs in the previous 12 billing cycles. Once credit worthiness has been established the customer deposit shall be applied to the customer account during the next regular billing process. Should an account not achieve credit worthiness, the deposit will be held as a guarantee deposit until water service is discontinued. The amount due for water service will be deducted from the deposit held, and the balance will be forwarded to the customer’s last known address. If the amount due for water service is more than the guarantee deposit held, the Agency will bill the customer for the balance due after the guarantee deposit is applied. In lieu of a guarantee deposit, the customer may submit a “letter of credit” showing good payment performance for the most recent twelve (12) billing periods from their former water utility provider. The letter of credit shall show that the customer had no delinquent payments during the 12 billing cycle period, water service had not been turned off for non-payment, and the customer had not had a check returned for non-sufficient funds.

    Guarantee Deposit for Bulk Accounts is outlined in Article 11.0 of the Agency Rules and Regulations.

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